Dr Warren Larkin recently joined Zakra Yasin, (Public Health ACEs Programme Lead at Bradford Council), and Kerry Bennett (Integration & Change Manager Better Start Bradford), on their podcast which looked at Adverse Childhood Experiences and how they can affect outcomes in later life. Warren discussed what ACEs are, the Reach programme and how it supports prevention, and what resiliency is. They also discussed the impact of the pandemic.

The podcast was recorded to coincide with the launch of Bradford District’s ACEs, Trauma & Resilience Strategy which took place on 16 March. Bradford has developed a district-wide strategy and the ambition is for it to be a trauma-informed, ACE aware district. The strategy considers the importance of trauma-informed practices and being ACE aware across early years, the workforce, communities, schools and family support services.

Warren is supporting Bradford Metropolitan District Council as part of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Adversity, Trauma and Resilience Strategy. You can find out more here: https://www.wyhpartnership.co.uk/our-priorities/population-health-management/adversity-trauma-and-resilience-knowledge-exchange/resources/adversity-and-trauma

For further information about Bradford District’s work, please visit https://www.betterstartbradford.org.uk/news/launch-of-the-new-aces-trauma-and-resilience-strategy-for-bradford-district/

The Podcast can be listened to below…  You can also find more Podcasts on our Podcast page.