The world doesn’t change one person at a time..

Collaborating to help the NSPCC become a Trauma Informed Organisation Many of us have a vision of how the world needs to be. The key to making that vision a reality is to collaborate, to join forces with others who share that same vision. The American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once wrote “Despite current [...]

A county-wide approach to addressing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

Since January 2019, Warren Larkin Associates (WLA) was commissioned by Nottinghamshire County to work with partners to support them to not only respond to the impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) but also to look at the causes and at ways in which they can be prevented. If you’ve read any of my blogs before [...]

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Podcast: discussing Adverse Childhood Experiences

Dr Warren Larkin recently joined Zakra Yasin, (Public Health ACEs Programme Lead at Bradford Council), and Kerry Bennett (Integration & Change Manager Better Start Bradford), on their podcast which looked at Adverse Childhood Experiences and how they can affect outcomes in later life. Warren discussed what ACEs are, the Reach programme and how it [...]

Resiliency Accelerator – creating a global network

Thank you to everyone who joined me and Becky Haas on the first Resiliency Accelerator. Over 60 people from 11 countries joined us, including professionals from as far as Canada, New Zealand and the US and as close to home as Dublin and Wales. Such was our participants enthusiasm and passion, that many of [...]

Resiliency Accelerator – starting a global conversation

Alongside leading trauma-informed care practitioner Becky Haas, Dr Warren Larkin will be delivering a Resiliency Accelerator – an event designed to start a global conversation on the implementation of ACEs science. Becky Haas is based in Tennessee in the United States and will bring her perspective and experience from the USA. Both Warren and [...]

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), Trauma and Resilience for Schools Post Pandemic

The online seminars I ran earlier this month on Childhood Adversity, Trauma and Resilience were oversubscribed and as a result I had a lot of requests to repeat these events. I have specifically been asked to put on similar introductory seminars with a focus on schools. So, I am hosting two virtual seminars on [...]

Responding to the psychosocial aftermath of the pandemic

Alongside a number of experts in trauma-informed practice, I supported a webinar for NHS professionals which explored ideas and solutions to responding to the psychosocial aftermath of the pandemic. I’m always pleased to be able to contribute to events such as this, as it supports the direction of travel for the [...]

The Wellbeing Show with Noel McDermott

I recently joined Noel McDermott on his Wellbeing Show to discuss the proposed Resilience Task Force and the call to Government about the need for a cross-sector, multi-agency response to the aftermath of the pandemic, which will ultimately see social and psychological consequences for front-line workers, support seeking people and society at large. [...]

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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), Trauma & Resilience

The topic of trauma-informed practice has never been more relevant. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown – and in its aftermath – we need to consider the role of childhood adversity and subsequent traumatising experiences in the lives of the people we are supporting. Social and psychological problems have been increasing [...]

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