The Science Behind Adverse Childhood Experiences

Never has it been so important that we truly consider what impact the last six months and what’s happening now, may have on our young people. Schools and education providers across the country (and in fact the world) will play a pivotal role in supporting young people, through what for many will be significant [...]

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Association of Child Protection Professionals’ Podcast with Tammy Banks

The Association of Child Protection Professionals (AoCPP) regularly produces a podcast to share information on child protection and safeguarding topics. I joined Tammy Banks, AoCPP Interim Consultant Director, for a special episode on trauma, adversity and resilience in the context of a public health crisis. The conversation with Tammy was fantastic, and we covered [...]

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Routine Enquiry, the Care Programme Approach (CPA) and Mental Health Services

Guest blog by Charlie Brooker, Honorary Professor, Centre for Sociology and Criminology, Royal Holloway, University of London The CPA has been a requirement for nearly 30 years and aimed to ensure that people with a serious mental health problem received a care plan/package. In 2008 it was amended such that it became national Department [...]

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