Inspirational Public Speaking and Facilitation

Warren has delivered Keynote presentations across the United Kingdom and internationally. He is a much sought-after presenter and delivers complex and challenging content in a warm and engaging manner. He has been spreading the word about trauma, adversity and the lasting impact on people’s lives for the last 25 years. In 2017, Warren presented to over 5000 people.

Feedback from North West Psychological Professionals Network Annual Conference 2018

  • Relevant, clear, story-based delivery helps me to remember key points
  • Very well explained and good emphasis on the huge impact of the ACE issue
  • Excellent, accessible and informative
  • Good to have top down context
  • Fantastic – really inspiring and a brilliant speaker, empowering us as therapists to ask questions and help facilitate meaningful change
  • Very informative and a fantastic reminder to keep thinking about trauma & asking these questions
  • Loved Warrens delivery, enthusiasm, humour and comprehensive presentation. I could’ve listened to him all day
  • Engaging speaker – provided lots of useful info
  • Really engaging with relevant & key relatable experiences

Strategy & Policy Development

Providing policy and strategic advice to a diverse range of public and private sector organisations

Inspirational Public Speaking

Delivering complex and challenging content in a warm and engaging manner

Trauma Sensitive Schools

Key Ideas and Issues for Trauma Sensitive Schools

(REACh) Programme

REACh aims to raise awareness about long term outcomes of childhood adversity and trauma