Service Manager 

Rob has a wealth of experience in engaging and supporting young people, parents and families to achieve sustainable, positive change. Previously, as a service manager typically operating services in the bottom 10% of England’s deprived neighbourhoods, Rob embraced and embedded routine enquiry across Intensive Family Support teams, Troubled Family programmes, Counselling services, and Young Carers projects. Rob’s broad experience includes developing and delivering trauma informed programmes of work engaging young people who go missing from home, and victims of child sexual and/or criminal exploitation.

Rob is currently leading the business development function for The Children’s Society, across the North of England. Having co-designed, developed, tendered, pitched, negotiated unlikely partnerships, and implemented numerous complex services across the north, such as the Pan Greater Manchester, Missing from Home or Care service, developed with the Greater Manchester Police Crime Commissioner and all 10 GM Local Authorities.

Rob is passionate about embedding routine enquiry and understanding adversity in childhood and is keen to share personal experience of implementing this approach into existing service and new programmes of work. Rob also acts as a Trustee of a children’s charity and is accomplished in assisting organisations to become more trauma-informed and to allocate resources accordingly.